How to Cancel or Surrender Pan Card ?

By | September 23, 2017

This document is abbreviated as Permanent Account Number or PAN. It is created for the purpose of identifying taxpayers from the nation. PAN is a special account cue identification number assigned to Indian tax payers, mostly to Indians or non living indian. The PAN system is created in this way that identification is now really a big things and a system that make and identify the taxpayers identification number that is for specific people. Government has created a mechanism to procedure listed of all man or woman against a PAN number which acts as the primary key to check the each transaction whatever way you do transaction. This information is shared throughout the nation department and bureau who is handling these kind of things and therefore people who don’t paying taxes on timely basis can have to scrutinized.

The Theory Behind PAN is very unique and different from many other countries. Some people correlating with SSN in the united states but it is entirely different from that. It is a number issued to most Indian taxpayers who stayed in any Indian states, permanent and temporary both. It has become a primary identification number for taxation processes, even though government has many other things to tack and get the information of tax paying people.

As we have explained in the above section, PAN Card whole system has made online at the NSDL website or and PAN website. You can also choose simply district PAN agencies which has affiliation from government. Online website for PAN allotment in addition to individuals is also used for correction or change at any time and any places. Form 49A is for that must be be your form that needs to be filled on PAN online website of offline process.


Cancel PAN Card Online

  • You should login into the official website at your income tax whose link are and fill all required details as shown in application form or you can read the guidelines which is given for completing of the web form.
  • Alternatively, You may complete the ‘PAN Change Cancel application form‘ application form. The additional PAN allocated should be list on website one by one while the PAN card should be cancelled after filed along with the application form.

Process to Cancellation of a PAN Card Offline

The tax Department is running a driveway to cancel or deactivate PAN from income tax department for those people who have given more than one PAN cards. As per law individual is to have only one PAN. Several people have PAN more than one cards either with or without knowledge.

This brand new initiative of the IT Department is impact on the people who have PAN cards and theft taxes or doing hawala work. People will not able to file their own IT returns if its PAN has been canceled. Because the PAN that is being used by these to record returns might have been deactivated likely this is.PAN department also blocked income tax e-filing login so it will affect you lot more. As they will not have the capability to file IT returns this causes enormous problem.Tax payers need to contact with its CA or you have to apply for new PAN card. You can check the process to cancel the PAN card Offline.

  • People should download application form then after fill the form 49A without making any mistakes in his / her the PAN application. Form no.49A also be available and to be filed at any given NSDL TIN facilitation centre.
  • Also provide the correct PAN Card details will all correct letter into the application form so that officer of the concerned authority will bale to check that
  • Address must be correct in application form
  • Title and other details are also correct
  • information of old PAN card that needs to be surrendered
  • Current usage pan card to be send with the application form or fill online application form
  • it’s essential that you should send acknowledgement copy of this correspondence address and PAN card.
  • The letter from the income tax department will send after the PAN was cancelled. It is only possible when you send the application form as well as supportive document in proper way. Rest details you either check on official website or visit nearest pan offices.
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