Who Has Eligibility For PAN Card ?

By | September 23, 2017

A Permanent Account Number or PAN, as it is necessary to needs to be owned by every citizen of this country who is living here or anybody who wishes to do business in India. The government has made it compulsory to add PAN in many numerous and every body should have a PAN. A taxpayer or simple citizen may apply on behalf of others to get a PAN, including minors.

Eligibility Criteria For Person Who Hold PAN Card

There are different eligibility criteria and documents required for Indian citizens who wish to get a PAN, based upon if the PAN is necessary by an individual, firm, enterprise, association, etc.. The criteria are cited below.

Individuals:-  The applicants must be a citizen of India with a valid address, date of birth and ID proof(like aadhar, voter ID).

Hindu Undivided Families :-The head of any Hindu Undivided Families is also work as the name of that the father as a way to apply for a PAN. They can take on the behalf of head of the family member.

Children:- A parent are able to apply to get a PAN on behalf of a minor by giving a valid address proof and ID of their parent/guardian.

Indian citizens residing abroad (NRI):-  In case the people is an Indian citizen who living outside the India, he/she can have a pan card by provide a replica of his/her bank accounts announcement in the present country of residence as address proof.

Mentally challenged individuals :- It is also possible for mentally challenged individual can take a PAN and in this case a representative can apply on the behalf of His/Her. The representative will need to provide details of such an applicant (ID proof, speech proof and date of birth) and their (representative’s) details.

Companies :- Businesses which must need a PAN to be filed with the Registrar of organizations and may provide a copy of their registration certificate like partnership, individual etc..

Partnership Firms/Limited Liability Partnerships :- All these entities should really be registered with the appropriate authorities and should be submit a copy of the registration certificate.

Trusts :- Trusts are enrolled and apply to get a PAN by submitting a duplicate of these trust deed or registration certification.

Associations/Local government :- Registered associations or local bodies may  also apply for a PAN by filing an application with copy in these agreement or registration certificate.

Entities with no office at India :-  Firms, businesses, trusts, artificial juridical government, etc. with no office in India should alos have pan but the must be submitting their ID proof and address. This proof will be where they are from the country in which they are located, attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate of that nation. In case this is not available they should get yourself a registration certification in India embassy.

Eligibility criteria and documents for Foreign Citizens/Companies

If you are belongs with foreign citizens then you should submit these records to  obtain a PAN and businesses and citizens who are lookin to putting up factory in India need to satisfy a few simple eligibility criteria.

Foreign taxpayer (Individual):- Individual foreign citizens who want to apply for a PAN can accomplish this by giving respective current ID and address signs. This can be either their passport, PIO card, Voter ID number, etc..

Companies:- Foreign companies can apply for a PAN by providing a copy of the Registration Certificate from the country where currently applicant are living. This is supposed to be by the Indian Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in that country. A copy of the registration certification approved by Indian government in India may valid for a PAN.

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